Relationships and a sense of connection are central to our lives. These relationships include how we relate to ourselves, the people close to us, our communities and the world around us.



- Exploring the patterns that connect - 

Relationships can be complicated and when they are not going well, they can lead to stress, anxiety, low mood, isolation and disconnection. We can work together to understand how and why these difficulties may have arisen and what needs to change.





A space to explore and understand the stories you hold about yourself and how these might affect the way that you relate to yourself and engage with the world around you.

We might talk about:

- Problems in relationships 

- Feeling unsure about how to move         forward in your life 

- Lack of confidence 

- Low Self-Esteem

- Stress and anxiety

- Loss

- Anger

- Sadness


'Family' can mean different things to different people. In our work it is any group of people you consider it to be. I work with families in a way that makes space for multiple perspectives. Problems can arise when we hold different ideas and beliefs and consequently ascribe different meanings to a shared issue, we can then struggle to resolve these differences.

We might talk about:

- Tension in family relationships

- Dealing with illness in families

- Parenting challenges

- Sudden changes in family life

- Worries about children and their emotional wellbeing or behaviour

- Issues related to blended families

- Unresolved family issues or arguments 


An opportunity to talk and listen to one another in a private space where difficulties and dilemma's you are struggling to navigate can be safely shared.

We might talk about:

- One or both of you having the desire to separate

- One or both of you having met someone outside the relationship 

- High levels of conflict 

- Ongoing disagreements 

- Exploring the boundaries of a new relationship

- Understanding why the relationship has changed, perhaps in a direction one or both of you is not happy with

- How to communicate more effectively 



I have worked in the NHS for over a decade and am trained as an occupational therapist and systemic psychotherapist. I have experience working with families where there is a child with a mental health problem or long term physical health condition. I have worked with couples in this setting addressing some the challenges that arise in parenting children with health needs. I have also worked with couples where there might be difficulties in the couple relationship. 

I work in a relational, dynamic and creative way with an emphasis on kindness and compassion. I believe in the strength and value of human connection and whilst this is this not always a smooth journey and there can be many challenges along the way, we all have the power to change our stories. 

I am registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I am a member of the Association of Family Therapy (AFT). In addition I am a trained yoga teacher. 



The Practice Rooms, 55 Queens Square, Bristol, BS1 4LH

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